Heider Study

Here are links to files associated with the Study of Heider's Balance Theory:
  1. Heider Study Created via FactorWiz
  2. Link to Excel File with Heider Data
  3. Chapter from Birnbaum on Heider task and analysis (pdf)

Other chapters from Birnbaum (2001):

  1. Chapter 6 from Birnbaum on Basic Excel (pdf)
  2. Chapter 12 from Birnbaum on Impression Formation (pdf)
  3. Chapter 11 from Birnbaum on FactorWiz (pdf)

Risky Decision Making Studies

  1. Chapter 8 from Birnbaum on Decision Making
  2. Study on Decision Making
  3. Data for F2007Decision Making Study

PowerPoint Files for Lectures at Konstanz 2017

  1. Comments on the History of SCiP and JDM (pdf)
  2. Philosophy of Science Part 1
  3. Philosophy Part 2 (Mastermind) (pdf)