picture of ATI workshop Jan 2002

Welcome: Students in Konstanz, September, 2017!!

Links for Advanced Training Institute (ATI):

  1. Techniques Overview
  2. Techniques Overview (Birnbaum (2010) chapter)
  3. One-Page Handouts (MSW documents and HTML pages):
    1. Document: Bare Bones Web Page
    2. Bare Bones Web Page-HTML
    3. Document: Simple Web Form
    4. Web Form HTML
    5. Web Colors Simplified
    6. Web Colors and Color Names-HTML Analogy between "safe sex" and "Web-safe" colors: Neither is really SAFE, but some are safer than others.
    7. Bare Bones Links
    8. Bare Bones Links-HTML
    9. Bare Bones Images
    10. Bare Bones Image Links-HTML
    11. Bare Bones JavaScript Document
    12. Bare Bones JavaScript Example-HTML
  4. Surveywiz3 at ati-birnbaum
  5. Driving Questionnaire at ati-birnbaum

  6. Link to the Data.txt file
  7. Listing of generic Perl script (written by Billy Schmidt)
  8. Installing the generic Perl script

  9. Quiz Survey Example
  10. Gender Example

  11. FactorWiz
  12. FactorWiz with Radio Button Response
  13. Link to FACTORWIZ
  14. Link to Heider Examples and Links for Students in Konstanz Workshop 2017

  15. Examples from Birnbaum book, including self-scoring quizzes
  16. JavaScript Examples from Birnbaum (2001)-HTML
  17. Example Reaction Time Demo
  18. JavaScript Tutorial
  19. Link to SURVEYWIZ 4 (saves time)
  20. Link to Choice Study with Response Times
  21. Link to Birnbaum-Wakcher JavaScript Examples
  22. Homework Assignments for JavaScript Workshop

Links for JavaScript Resources

Useful Links for Web Research

Other Links

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Image credit: panoramic view of ATI taken by Gary McClelland on Sunday, January 20, 2002, during discussion of Web Methodology, Recruiting, and Ethics. The picture is stiched together from six separate images. This page has a background in papayawhip, a superior color to blanchedalmond.